Brooks Sisters Dreams Series

L.J. Taylor writes both romantic suspense novels and flat out suspense novels.  “Just Dreams” and “Dreams Deferred”  are Books 1 and 2 of her Brooks Sisters Dreams Series.

The Brooks Sisters Dreams Series chronicles the lives, loves and adventures of the Brooks sisters – Kathy Brooks, Ivy Brooks, Mariah Brooks and Carly Brooks – four strong and flawed African-American heroines who were raised in the same household, but couldn't be more different.  As a result, the tone and focus of each book is diferent, although you will see your favorite characters in each of them.

Just Dreams

In “Just Dreams,” Kathy Brooks, the eldest of the Brooks sisters and a partner in a top law firm, takes on a new client – former Marine Corps special forces agent Charles Morgan, Jr.  Charles, however, has a hidden agenda that pits them against rogue CIA agents, mercenaries and unscrupulous opposing counsel for whom kidnapping and murder are viable legal strategies. With the help of Charles' brother-in-arms FBI special agent Tyler Fox, and Kathy's wild rambunctious baby sister, Ivy Brooks, Kathy and Charles manage to survive, win the day, and fall in love despite huge odds.  Their journey is not without cost, however.  The result?  “Just Dreams” is a page turning, action-packed romantic legal thriller.

Dreams Deferred

Ivy's story, “Dreams Deferred,” on the other hand, is a much more down-to-Earth gritty story not set in the lofty halls of upper echelon law firms and federal courtrooms.   In this story, Ivy Brooks, the youngest of the Brooks sisters, who always loved the bad boys (we get a hint of that in “Just Dreams”), is released from prison where she served time for a crime she didn't commit because she refused to testify against the baddest of them all.  She also neglected to tell this bad man that he's the father of the secret baby she had while in prison.  Ivy is determined to turn her life around and make a better life for herself and her adorable son Omari, but the stakes get very high when Zeke sues Ivy for full custody and the only way she can see to save her son from a life of crime and misery is to gather the evidence needed to put Zeke away and testify against him.  The question is: will she live long enough to do that and should she trust her instincts and rely upon former bad boy Luke to protect her?  The result? A page turning romantic suspense novel where we get to see Kathy, Charles and Ivy's sister Mariah pull out all the stops and join forces with Luke to protect Ivy and Omari.

Caged Dreams (coming soon)

“Caged Dreams” is the story of how the middle sister, Mariah Brooks, and Charles' best friend, Special Agent Tyler Fox, get together despite overwhelming odds in another gritty story of love, betrayal, corruption and murder. Tensions run high when Tyler Fox investigates the death of his partner which occurred while he was undercover in a federal prison, and Mariah Brooks, a tough, hard-boiled prison guard, and her partner become suspects,   Mariah is forced to go undercover in an attempt to prove her and her partner's innocence.  When it becomes clear that the corruption runs into the highest levels of both the F.B.I. and the prison system, however, the operation becomes extremely dangerous.  Mariah and Tyler don't know who they can trust – and that includes each other.

Closer to Her Dreams (coming soon)

“Closer to Her Dreams” is the story of Carly Brooks – the estranged stepsister and Black sheep of the family.  Carly Brooks is a high powered executive whose heart was turned to ice by an abusive ex-husband who managed to isolate her from her family.  Just when she's starting to live again emotionally, she finds herself in mortal danger again when he's released from prison and sneaks back into the country again after being deported,  Will she survive his determination to  destroy her for daring to leave and send him away or will her fear allow him to destroy her and the fragile bonds she'd just began to mend with her family and forge with Jack – the one and only man capable of chipping through the ice to get to her heart?