Eating Breakfast Can Help With Weight Loss

Did you know that eating breakfast can help you lose weight?  Recent studies suggest that eating breakfast helps us to jumpstart our metabolisms in the morning and avoid overeating throughout the day.  They also suggest that skipping breakfast makes us more likely to overeat later to make up for that skipped meal. 

My go to breakfast on weekday mornings is usually a packet of high fiber oatmeal, a hard boiled egg and some fruit.  Sometimes I mix it up and make myself a breakfast sandwich consisting of turkey sausage on a whole wheat English muffin and a slice of veggie cheese.  If I'm in a huge rush and have to eat on the run, I might make myself a peanut butter and fruit spread sandwich on whole wheat bread and grab an apple. 

On the weekends, I like to make oat bran pancakes topped with blueberries and maple syrup, with a side of crispy bacon.  To keep the breakfast low cal while, at the same time getting in a serving of fruit, I use a half cup of frozen blueberries, nuke that for 90 seconds with a tablespoon of 100% pure maple syrup and pour that over my oat bran pancakes (I put the pancake recipe on the recipes page for your enjoyment).  I have that with two slices of Oscar Mayer Center Cut bacon (2 slices = only 1 Weightwatchers  point) and I am a happy child. 

They say that the ideal breakfast should consist of a mix of protein and high fiber complex carbs.  The possibilities are endless.  For example, you could have scrambled eggs or an omelette and whole grain toast, or yogurt and a high fiber cereal bar, a whole grain cereal with lowfat milk and fruit, or, if you need something very portable and are in a dead rush, you could grab a banana and a handful of nuts on the way out the door. 

You don't have to cook your own breakfast from scratch either; instead, you could pop one of the WeightWatchers frozen breakfasts or one of the Amy's cereal bowls into the microwave as you brew your morning tea or coffee.

You don't even have to have traditional breakfast food to get the health benefits of eating breakfast.  On the WeightWatchers website, one of the breakfast suggestions is to take leftover brown rice and stir fry that with an egg, some veggies and a little low sodium soy sauce; another suggestion is a grilled cheese sandwich made with lowfat cheese and tomato slices.  

Finally, you don't have to have breakfast at the crack of dawn or the minute you open your eyes – so long as you eat it within a couple of hours of waking up.   

Try it.  See if one of these ideas helps to jumpstart your metabolism and your weight loss.  What do you have to lose besides the weight?


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