The Amazon.com Breakthrough Novel Award Contest

So, as I mentioned in my last blog post, I entered my romantic legal thriller – “Just Dreams” –  in the Amazon.com Breaththrough Novel Award Contest (also known as “ABNA”).  The contest officially closed to new entries in the adult fiction category on February 2, 2012.  I know this because I went to upload an edited version of my novel and I couldn't anymore.  Imagine the angst I felt knowing that all the mistakes I had so painstakingly found and fixed in my latest draft are still there in my entry for all the world to see.  Hopefully, acceptance will kick in sometime soon, because it hasn't yet.

Anyway, here's how the contest works.  My entry consisted of my pitch which is a less than 300 word blurb about my book (kind of what you would see on the back jacket cover of the book), a 5000 word excerpt, and a copy of the manuscript.

  • First Round: Amazon editors will review a 300-word pitch of each entry. The top 1,000 entries in each category (2,000 total entries) will move on to the second round.  (Announced 2/23/12)
  • Second Round: The field will be narrowed to 250 entries in each category (500 total entries) by Amazon top customer reviewers from ratings of a 5,000 word excerpt. (Announced 3/20/12)
  • Quarterfinals: Publishers Weekly reviewers will read the full manuscript of each quarterfinalist, and based on their review scores, the top 50 in each category (100 total entries) will move on to the semifinals. (Announced 4/24/12)
  • Semifinals: Penguin USA editors will read the full manuscript and review all accompanying data for each semifinalist and will then select three finalists in each category (six total finalists). (Announced 5/22/12)
  • Finals:  Amazon customers will vote on the three finalists in each category resulting in two grand prize winners. (Announced 6/16/12)
If I make it to the semifinals, I'll be able to use the Publisher's Weekly review of my book (assuming it's a good review) to market the book even if I don't win the contest.
Wish me luck.