L.J. Taylor Selected as a Featured Author in the 2015 NAACP Author Pavilion

Hi there:

Guess what? I'm happy to report that I was selected to be a featured author in the 2015 NAACP Author Pavilion, at the NAACP's 106th Annual Convention, which will be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, in Philadelphia, PA, July 11-14, 2015.

The 2015 NAACP Author Pavilion is part of the Convention's Commerce and Industry Show which is free and open to the public.  I'll be there signing books with Charlie Wilson and other illustrious and noteworthy African-American authors.

Although my romantic legal thriller “Just Dreams” is the featured book on the 2015 NAACP Author Pavilion website, I will also be signing copies of  “Dreams Deferred”  – the second book in the Brooks Sisters Dreams Series.

The book signings will take place on July 11-14, 2015 at the following times:

Saturday:    11:00 am to 6pm

Sunday:      12:00 pm to 6pm

Monday:      12:00 pm to 6pm

Tuesday:     12:00 pm to 6pm

I'll let you know when my two 2 hour time slots are scheduled.

You can get more information about 2015 NAACP Author Pavilion here.

See you in Philly!  We're going to have an amazing time.