What I Learned from Self Publishing School

What I Learned from Self Publishing School


On Sunday, February 19, 2017, I was interviewed by Chandler Bolt –  bestselling author and creator of the Self Publishing School during his “Ask Me Anything” seminar. I was selected as one of six successful authors to have gone through the Self Publishing School program.  I was very flattered and excited to have been selected. My success pales in comparison to Chandler's but is definitely attributable to the things that I learned in Self Publishing School.

At the time that I enrolled in the course, I had already self-published two novels; however, my books weren't selling very well and I knew I had a lot to learn about marketing. I wondered whether or not the Self Publishing School program would be a good fit for me or if it would be too basic since it covered the entire writing and self-publishing process from coming up with a good book idea through outlining, writing, publishing, launching, and marketing the book. What I discovered is that the program has something for everyone no matter what their level of expertise.

Going through Self Publishing School helped me learn how to more effectively market the books I had already published. It taught me how to revamp and relaunch those books to give them a better chance for success. In fact, revamping and relaunching my romantic suspense novel “Just Dreams,” led to BookBub selecting the book for promotion. BookBub is extremely selective and only accepts about 5% of the books submitted to it for promotion. Any published author will tell you that getting a BookBub promotion is a very big deal.

Self Publishing School also taught me how to launch new books more effectively. In fact, my suspense novel, “The Liberian Agenda” launched so well that it reached the top of the free bestseller charts on Amazon in three different categories: World Fiction, Political Fiction and Espionage Fiction.  It even outranked books published by USA today and New York Times bestselling authors in those genres.

Self Publishing School also helped me choose a topic for, outline and begin to write a nonfiction book I'm working on. That was extremely valuable to me since I'd never written a nonfiction book before. Writing a nonfiction book is very different from writing a fiction novel – they're structured, conceived and written in entirely different ways.

So, whether you're a novice writer, a self-published author hoping to get better at marketing or to switch genres, or a traditionally published author who wants to start self-publishing your back list, Self-Publishing School would be right for you.

Chandler is offering a free video training series on how to write and publish a book in 90 days. You can access the free training here.*  Whether or not you actually enroll in Self Publishing School, you'll learn a few things from the free training. If you do decide to enroll in the free training, let me know what you think.


*This is an affiliate link.  If you click on it and later enroll in Self Publishing School, I will get a commission; however, you should know that I only promote programs and products that I really believe in.