Thrillerfest 2017

My Adventures at Thrillerfest 2017

A few weeks ago, I attended Thrillerfest 2017 - the premiere conference for thriller enthusiasts, which brings together famous authors and new ones along with industry professionals, agents, and fans. The conference, which took place from July 11-15 at the Grand Hyatt in New York City, is divided into three distinct parts (four if you count some of the preceding activities): Craftfest, Pitchfest...
FBI Chronicles

Thrillerfest 2017 Day 1 – The FBI Chronicles

Hi there: This week, I'm in New York City attending Thrillerfest 2017.  As usual, the conference is taking place at the Grand Central Hyatt in Midtown Manhattan. This is the third or so time that I've attended Thrillerfest, but it's the first time I attended the FBI seminar.  The program is held every year by the FBI in conjunction with Thrillerfest to educate thriller writers  in the hopes...